Features- Client feedback, hide plan amount on Connect page, Newly added and newly joined client filter, Client profile mandatory fields settings

Features- Connect page builder, Staff salary, Contact Tax details, Connect profile form builder, UI changes to make app simple & more powerful

New features-Staff role, Staff salary and profile page, improved Connect app homepage, All class option, Decimal places.

November features-Class rescheduling, Multi-timing in a day, Add Online Class Link in Settings. Updated-Offer code while booking online + 3 more

Invoicing of Items, Performance Report, Class Schedule, Reports and more new features on spyn PRO.

Enquiry module, Disable Reservation, Penalize Clients, Download Attendance Records in Excel format, Clone transactions etc available on the app ,

Auto-generate invoice number, Pro-rata calculation, Banner alerts, Auto detect location, Aging report, filter etc available on the app

New features added in July 2021-Bulk actions, Total receivables, Class session reservation reminder and Class filter.