Enquiry module, Disable Reservation, Penalize Clients, Download Attendance Records in Excel format, Clone transactions etc available on the app ,

Auto-generate invoice number, Pro-rata calculation, Banner alerts, Auto detect location, Aging report, filter etc available on the app

New features added in July 2021-Bulk actions, Total receivables, Class session reservation reminder and Class filter.

Revamped settings page, Info sections & social page links to make your about page more useful and online class link in class info page for your clients to join online meetings, be it on zoom/google meet etc

Class syllabus using pdf

Staff Salary Computation, Upcoming Class Schedule on homepage, Stream live video or share recorded videos, Class reminder notifications

Staff attendance options, roll no, Reporting manager and more.

Home and Dashboard page, speed optimization, Staff Performance, Expense Access Control, Online Registration, Razorpay Payment Gateway, Social Links in email

Class Schedule, Coach Attendance, Subscriber Tags, Message Scheduling and Templates, Levels and other features

Class syllabus, Subscriber birthday emails, Userwise expense reporting, UPI in pending reminders, Recurring student discounts, event visibility, Jersey size