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May 2024

May 2024

This month, we have mostly focused on client requests making it a long list of enhancements for a better app experience with reporting.

  1. We have added an image on the Homepage showcasing your logo and Business name, the features of the Connect app and the steps to login and use the app. Share this with your clients to guide them on how to use the Connect app.
    Magic Link
  2. For clients who have opted for white-labelled app, we have added a card with Magic Link on the Homepage. The Magic Link automatically redirects users to the android/iOS app if on mobile and to the webpage on desktop.
  3. Send connect code link in bulk to clients not on spyn CONNECT app.
  4. On clients list page, an option to edit end date in bulk has been added. Useful if you wish to extend subscription for all in case of missed sessions.
  5. To make it easy for you to identify the documents you have uploaded in the client profile, we have provided the option to label files being attached to client profile.
  6. Assign salesperson while issuing invoices to make it easy to track sales performance.
  7. Staff salary computation can now be emailed to the staff to provide clarity to them.
  8. We have added an option to assign coach to a client instead of classes. To activate this in your account, you will need to get in touch with our Customer Success team.
  9. In pending payments CSV file, we have added the due date column to help you improve your cashflow.
  10. In received payments CSV file, we know show the Classes of that subscription.

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