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Get your own white-labelled app

Your clients can search and download your Android and iOS app from the appstore.

Build a stronger Brand

Help your clients build and maintain a relationship with your brand using personalized experience, push notifications, feedback mechanism and more.

Retain your Clients

A stronger brand leads to loyal customers that have formed a deep relationship with your brand.

spyn Connect app

Stand out from the crowd

Differentiate yourselves from your competitors by providing your clients a unique & customized experience using the app.

Boost Profits

Stronger Brand, Better Experience & Customer Loyalty will translate to higher profits.

01.Appstore presence

The app on Android playstore and Apple appstore will have an app with your brand name, your screenshots, your desired app description.

02. App Design

The Android and iOS client app with both have your logo, your splash screen, your brand color as primary colour and notification icon.

03. Quick App Development

Typically, upon your confirmation, we submit android and iOS app to the playstore within 28 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will both spynPRO and spyn CONNECT app be white-labelled?

spynPRO app is for you and your staff and spyn Connect app is for your clients. Only the client app, i.e. spyn Connect, will be white-labelled.

Do I need to buy Android or iOS developer membership?

We submit the app under our android and iOS developer account. This saves you your membership fees and we are able to release quicker.

How long does it take for the app to be available on Android playstore & iOS appstore and

Typically, we take about 28 days to submit the app for review to both the Android and iOS appstore. Thereafter, generally spekaing, Android takes upto 2 days to approve whereas Apple iOS takes a little longer.

What are your fees for white-labeling?

Our white-labelling charges are displayed under billing section in our spynPRO app.

How do I get my own app?

Just fill up the form below and we shall get in touch with you.


Are the emails shared through the app sent from your email id?

You have the option to use your own email server by entering the credentials in the Settings.
However, system emails like Account Creation and Forgot Password will be sent via spyn

Can we have the spyn Connect page open on our domain instead of

It is possible to open the spyn connect page on your domain. However, it will require more customization at our end and DNS entry at your end. This service will be chargeable. We do not include it in the above package as not all require this.

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