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AcademyPRO comes bundled with 2 apps

  1. PRO app for you and your staff
  2. CONNECT app for your clients

AcademyPRO Features

  1. Online Payments & Receipts
  2. Client Attendance & Makeup Sessions
  3. Client Info
  4. Client Performance Assessment
  5. Chat & Messaging
  6. Enquiries
  7. Staff Attendance & Salary
  8. Expense management
  9. Business Dashboard
  10. Video Library & more …

Get paid in time

Automatically sends reminder with online payment link via Email, Whatsapp and to Connect app. Sends receipt automatically upon payment and shows outstanding payments.

Client Database

View client details – personal, plan details, transactions, attendance, performance etc. – on their profile page.

Payment Receipt

Automatically sends payment receipt on receiving payment. Via Email, Whatsapp and App notification.

Client Attendance

Designed easy-to-mark attendance with make-up session tracking. Auto-notify parents when marked absent.

Client Performance Reports

Create your own performance assessment templates. Your coaches can easily grade students, add remarks alnogwith images.

spynPRO's Video Library and live streaming

Video Library & Online Streaming

Share relevant videos with your clients based on their subscription.

Manage Enquiries Better

Enquiries have follow-up reminder & comment notifications. Timely notification to users ensure high conversion.

Staff Attendance

View staff attendance with checked-in location. Download reports with total hours, days present etc. Simplify payroll.

Staff attendance with location and time tagging

Staff Schedule

Calendar view of your class schedule – Efficiently assign classes to your coaches based on their availability.

Staff Expenses

Staff can enter their expenses & attach receipts. Managers can approve or reject them. And view staff-wise balance & transaction reports.

Business Dashboard

Quickly displays important KPIs to an academy owner/manager. Help them to take decisions and strategize.

CONNECT App Features

Your clients can make payments, view performance reports, attendance, your posts, messages, chat, reserve sessions and much more.

Connect better with your clients and delight them.

Student online registration

Get Clients Online

You get your own spyn page. New clients can view the plans, classes and pay online to enroll.

Engage with your Clients

Share updates via post, chat, message and collect feedback to strengthen your relationship with them and improve client retention.

Engage with your clients using spynPRO

Class Schedule, Reservation & Attendance

Clients can view their class schedule. If enabled, they can mark their attendance and reserve sessions too.

Share Offers to grow your business

Grow your business by word of mouth marketing. Ask your students to share their unique coupon code with their friends. Offer them reward when their friend joins.

Automate & Grow Your Business

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