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APRIL 2023


  1. Auto-send Whatsapp messages
    to your clients. For more details, visit our support page.
    You need to create your Whatsapp Meta account.
    *Whatsapp will charge you for the message you send. Click here for their pricing details.
  2. Use your own email ID to email your clients 📧
    Send emails to clients from the spynPRO app using your business email.
    Go to Settings-Email to set up your email. Note that Gmail IDs do not work.
  3. Improved Connect app onboarding flow
    We have made it easier for your clients to sign up on the Connect app.
    Click to watch the video.
  4. Tag filter on transaction
    now filters transactions by tags assigned to the client.
  5. Mark clients absent for a future date
  6. Add sessions on the client details page
    Clients can now enter offer codes while booking classes online. The CONNECT app will check for eligibility and apply the discount/credit automatically.
  7. The invoice numbering system has been improved to sequentially number your AcademyPRO, BookingsPRO and item invoices.
  8. BookingsPRO- Add your space/turf configuration like half turf, or full turf to make it easy for your clients to select and book.