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September 2023

🎉 Exciting New Features Unveiled! 🎉

We’re thrilled to introduce a host of incredible updates to our app, ranging from major enhancements to fine-tuned improvements. These features are designed to empower you and your business with even more control and convenience.

Major Features:

  1. Customizable Enquiry Form: Create tailored enquiry forms with custom fields to gather precise information that aligns with your unique needs. You may share the enquiry page as a link or display the QR code.Enquiry Form
  2. CCAvenue Payment Gateway: A new payment gateway, CCAvenue, was added for Indian clients. Enjoy seamless and secure payment processing with zero transaction fee for UPI payments.
  3. WhatsApp Integration: Connect with your clients effortlessly via WhatsApp Integration. Automate the lines of communication and send messages with clickable buttons like a PRO.spyn-whatsapp integration
  4. Email Configuration with Custom Footer: Enhance your brand identity by configuring email settings right from the app’s settings menu. Use your own business email account and customize footers to leave a lasting impression. Email config with footer
  5. Invoice Module with Improved Invoice Templates: View all your invoices – Academy, Bookings, and Items – on a single page. And download them as a CSV too. Also, experience polished and professional-looking invoices along with enhanced numbering for seamless organization.
    Class schedule with reservation
  6. BookingsPRO Payment Settings: If you’re using AcademyPRO and BookingsPRO, you can now set up distinct payment settings for both, ensuring flexibility and precision in your financial management.

Other Features:

  1. Performance Template Subtitles: Add subtitles to your performance templates in order to explain the template to your clients for improved clarity.
  2. Location Pop-up when a staff check-in: We now show a pop-up when a staff checks in to show them their location on Google Maps with their distance from the closest centre. Especially useful when they are not permitted to check-in because they are away from the centre and geofencing is enabled.
  3. Client Level Display: On the Connect app, conveniently view the client’s level at the time of performance assessment directly on the homepage within the performance section.
  4. Enhanced Class Details: Allow the display of “number of clients coming” and “total number of clients available for reservation” on the class details page in My Schedule on Connect. Providing transparency to your clients has never been easier. Email config with footer
  5. BookingsPRO Bulk Discounts: Streamline facility configuration by offering bulk discounts, making it simpler to manage your offerings.
  6. Session Penalty Deduction: On the Connect app, keep track of penalties by showing the number of days deducted when a client is absent.
  7. Staff Filters: Easily find and manage staff with newly added filtering options in the staff listing.
  8. Due Date Field added on Plan tab on Client Details Page: Keep subscription due dates at your fingertips with the new due date field.
  9. Client Subscription Expiry Alerts: Stay informed about expired subscriptions with alerts displayed on the client details page.
  10. Performance Filters: Select clients to be assessed more efficiently with the addition of center and skill filters on the Performance page.

These updates reflect our dedication to enhancing your experience and simplifying the management of your business. We can’t wait for you to explore these features!

Thank you for entrusting us with your business needs. Stay tuned for more innovations and enhancements on the horizon!

🚀 Your success is our mission! 🚀