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As we bid farewell to another fantastic year, we’re excited to bring you an enhanced app experience, now with two noteworthy features and a touch of refinement for October 2023 and November 2023.

1. Multiple Payments

Your clients can now combine multiple pending payments to pay in one go. No more tedious one-by-one payments – your clients will love it.

Multiple payments

2. Easy Peasy Bulk Invoicing!

Got a ton of items to invoice? No problem! With this update, you can send invoices for the same items to multiple clients at once. It’s easy and quick – because invoicing should be smooth like butter on a pancake.

Add Mutliple Invoices in one go


3. Set Your Due Dates Easily!

Now you can set a due date easily on the Payment Settings page and Plan page.Set Your Due Dates easily On spynPRO

4. No enquiry goes unattended- Better Notifications!

If you assign any new enquiry or follow-up to your staff, they will get a notification on the spynPRO app. No more excuses for missed updates.notification on assigning new enquiry to employee via spynPRO

5. Clickable Links on Plan Info page!

When adding an email, you can add links under “Plan info”. Say goodbye to pointless clicks and hello to real links!

Stay tuned for more cool updates!

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