October 2022

Self attendance by client

  1. Clients can NOW mark their own attendance 📅
    On the CONNECT app, clients can mark themselves present or absent for their scheduled classes.
    To enable, go to Settings->Connect app->General and check the ‘Allow clients to mark attendance’ option. And, if you enable geofencing, clients won’t be able to mark themselves present if they are not at the class center.
    Save time marking attendance of your clients.
  2. Applied filters are saved for that page. So, even if you navigate to another page, when you come back, your data will be filtered.
  3. Added shortcuts for the following frequently used actions
    Assess client performance on Client listing and details page.
    Download invoice on the Invoice list page.
    Assign coach on Class schedule page.
    Call button on renewals page.

💡 Tip

On client attendance page in PRO app, if a client has not paid, their payment status is shown under their profile pic.