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November 2021

  1. Class rescheduling and cancellation 📅
    Item invoicing
    On the class schedule page, you can reschedule/cancel a class session. An automated message is sent out to the enrolled clients about the change. They can view their revised schedule on the CONNECT app too.
  2. Multi-timings in a day
    Item invoicing
    Now you can add multiple timings on the same day for a class. Useful if you have it in the morning and evening.
  3. Add Online Class link in Settings 📹
    Item invoicing
    Avoid human errors and make it easy to add online class links, be it GMeet or Zoom. Add these links in Settings and then select them when adding the class. And, to avoid conflicts, use the filter on the class schedule page to find out the timings when the link is in use.
  4. Added daily metrics in the Dashboard like total expense incurred, income generated, client churn rate etc. Makes it easy to analyze what’s working well and what need more of your attention
    Item invoicing
  5. Performance report 📈
    Added more features to the recently released performance report module – Clone templates, age-based auto-grading of clients, showing client attendance & BMI, saving client assessment as draft etc.
  6. Improved Class Schedule page flow makes it easy to track class start/stop timing with coach and client attendance. Whenever you start a class, click on the green start button to log the start time, and mark the coach attendance (useful for salary computation too) followed by the marking of client attendance.
    On this page, the coach also gets to see rescheduled/cancelled classes, if any.
  7. Offer code while booking class online
    Item invoicing
    Clients can now enter your offer code while booking class online. The CONNECT app will check for eligibility and apply the discount/credit automatically.

Other minor functionalities like item invoice payment reminder, showing stopped tab under renewals, monthly class calendar view with additional details etc. added.

We have also optimized the app for performance and speed. It will feel a lot more snappier. ⚡