November 2019


  1. Class Syllabus – Create syllabus and assign it to class. Share this syllabus with class students/subscribers via email and on student app.
  2. Call & Comment icon – In pending transactions, you can make reminder calls directly from listing page and leave a comment after the call.
  3. Birthday notification – On dashboard, view list of subscribers having birthday today.
  4. Birthday email – In settings, enable birthday reminder emails to wish your subscribers.
  5. Expense Report Tab – Added user-wise balance amount reporting with option to view their transactions
  6. UPI – In Payment reminders, you can now share your UPI (in India only) account id by saving it in Settings.
  7. Recurring Discount – When adding subscriber, if you are offering discount, you can select if you would like to give this discount automatically on renewal or if it’s onetime.


  1. Event Visibility – Added option to show paid events only to your contacts in spyn.
  2. Jersey size – Ticket buyer can mention their jersey size in registration form.