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March 2022

  1. Connect page builder 🌐
    You can select which sections to show and in what order to both guest users and logged-in users.
    For ex., to guest users, you may decide to not show the plan section. And you may move the video section to the top of the page.
    This is available under Settings->Connect->Webpage Builder.
  2. Staff salary 💵
    Added an option to compute staff salaries by revenue generated by them. Useful if you give a percentage of student fees to coaches. It auto-calculates based on classes conducted and the fees paid by the client.
  3. Tax details in Contacts for Item invoicing
    You can add tax details of your clients in contacts so that you can issue item invoices with tax details.
  4. Pro rata calculations in renewals
    Just like in client module, you can renew client and change the end date and then apply their fees on pro rata basis.
  5. Connect – Client Profile details form 📝
    Select which data fields to make mandatory and ask when your client signs up or books a class/trial session.
    This option is available in Settings->Connect->Plans and Trials

We have also made a lot of UI improvements in order to make the app more powerful and yet simpler.