March 2020


  1. New and improved app for subscribers – The design of the subscriber app has been changed completely. The guiding principle – to provide you with a tool to easily communicate with your subscribers via posts, messages, upcoming classes and other relevant notifications. Aptly called spyn CONNECT, we do hope that this new app design will delight you and your clients.
  2. Staff Salary Computation – As an owner, assign salary to users by attendance, hours coached or fixed. spyn will compute for you based on the attendance of your staff.
  3. Class Schedule – Start/stop class from homepage, mark coach and student attendance in the same flow
  4. Stream live video or share recorded videos on youtube with your subscribers. You get to decide who can view/access these videos on spyn CONNECT app.
  5. Class reminder notification on app prior to start of class to assigned coaches and subscribers.
  6. Option to add DOB and Gender under a system user.
  7. Import multiple subscribers via CSV.