June 2022

  1. Messages-More options under Sender ✉
    We have added a lot of options under the To option- too many to list them here. Check out in the app!
  2. Client level history 📈
    You can now view the history of the client’s level. When they advanced from say Beginner to Intermediate.
  3. Add expense category 💳
    Under Settings, you can now add expense categories like Lunch, Rental income, Incentive etc.

Other minor feature updates include

  • Download invoice on completed transaction list page and item invoice list page.
  • Adding email id of the client when they sign up on Connect app in case their email is not added earlier.
  • We have also upgraded our servers and optimsed code for speed and performance apart from fixing a few bugs.
    (Apologies for the server downtime of about 40 minutes due to server overload)

    💡 Time-saver tip
    Use bulk option on Client page to enable/disable renewals, cancel subscriptions or adjust sessions (for limited plans).