June 2019

All apps

  1. Home page divided into 2 different pages – a. Home for quick actions and Acitivity log & b. Dashboard for Charts showing key performance indicators. This was done to speed up loading of Homepage.
  2. Code optimisation to improve app speed.
  3. Added option to Change Password under menu that opens on clicking our profile pic on homepage.
  4. Fixed issues in filters.


  1. Added count of subscribers marked present atleast once on dashboard to get a sense of subscribers not coming.
  2. Added option to send message via whatsapp to enquirers and subscribers. Useful as you don’t need to create their contact on your phone to start whatsapp chat with them.
  3. Share class info via whatsapp.
  4. Added option to send payment reminder via whatsapp.
  5. Changed email going out to free trial subscribers – included location and class timings.


  1. Added option to email all ticket buyers of an event.