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January 2020

All apps

  1. The home page is divided into 2 different pages – a. Home for quick actions and Activity log & b. Dashboard for Charts showing key performance indicators. This was done to speed up the loading of the Homepage.
  2. Code optimisation to improve app speed.
  3. Added option to Change Password under the menu that opens on clicking our profile pic on the homepage.
  4. Fixed issues in filters.


  1. Staff Performance As an owner, evaluate the performance of your coaches using Performance Templates.
  2. Expense Access Control – As an owner, control who amongst your system users, can add/view expenses made in the academy.
  3. Online Registration Link – Share online registration links with enquirers for them to select plan and class as per their level and make online payment
  4. Razorpay Payment gateway РAdded option of using Razorpay gateway to collect payments online.
  5. As an owner, add your social links in Settings. Your clients will be able to see them in emails that you send and on your spyn about us page
  6. Assign enquiries to a system user so that only they receive follow-up reminders.
  7. Delete the contact option.
  8. Show client-level history on the client profile page.