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February 2020


  1. Staff AttendanceĀ – As an Owner, restrict check-in/out from your Center. Select the max radius option in settings. Also, you can now view your current location when checking in/out.
  2. Added roll no on the subscriber detail page.
  3. Added option to download Excel in classes.
  4. As an owner, you can assign a reporting manager to your system users. Check-in/out notifications will only be sent to them.
  5. Added Delete button for check-in/out.
  6. Option to add terms & conditions in Settings to display them on the online payment page.
  7. Clickable Graph cards on the Dashboard for a daily and monthly view.
  8. Import enquiries from Excel
  9. Improved Class Schedule UI to make viewing easy.


  1. Show button on the Homepage to enable Events PRO.