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December 2019


  1. Class Schedule – As an owner, assign classes to coaches and view the schedule of each coach. As a coach, view your schedule and easily start and stop the class from the homepage.
  2. Coach Attendance – Coaches can mark their attendance by checking in/out with location tagging (optional).
  3. Subscriber Tags РAssign tags to subscribers to keep track of things like allergy or equipment/uniform given etc. ex: Shirt size 6
  4. Pending Transactions – Add comments to pending transactions to keep track of calls/messages sent to them.
  5. Message Templates – Save message templates to send messages quickly.
  6. Schedule Messages – Draft messages and schedule them for a later time.
  7. Levels¬†– Assign levels to subscribers and plans. When subscribers buy plans online, they’ll be shown plans as per their levels.
  8. Download staff attendance in Excel format.