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August 2021

  1. Fresh on our menu, a brand new Enquiry Module served with Hot, Warm and cold filters on the Lead Status option, marking enquiries according to the degree of interest shown by prospects during the sales call.
    We bet you’ll love it when Leads convert into Clients.
  2. Disable the RESERVE button and Online Class link for clients who have not paid their fee instalment in time on the Connect app.
  3. Happy to present a new feature under the Client Attendance – Download Attendance records in Excel format; day-wise, class-wise, month-wise or client-wise.
    Organized records →Multiple formats = Flow with Progress
  4. Add suitable tags to your videos so that your clients find them easily under assigned categories. Playing hide and seek on the app isn’t much of a thrill, is it?
  5. Our bulk selection tool is now available to Disable Auto-renewal of multiple clients at one go.
  6. Online classes can now be added without adding any centre.
  7. You can now Penalize your clients for a no-show in Class Reservation if they do not turn up for a class with limited slots they had reserved for. After all, just like in sports and academics, discipline is important for our users on the app itself too.
  8. Under Expenses, clone transactions to quickly add recurring ones. Double’s trouble- just not on spynPRO!