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10 Innovative Tennis Drills for Coaches and Academies

Innovative tennis drills are essential for keeping training sessions fresh and challenging. Here are 10 creative drills for coaches and academies designed to improve various aspects of a player’s game, from footwork to strategy.

1. Cross-Court Battles

Players rally diagonally, focusing on consistency and placement. This drill enhances their ability to maintain long rallies and develop strategic shot placement.

2. Serve and Volley Pressure

Players practice their serve followed immediately by a volley. This drill improves serve accuracy and volley skills, essential for an aggressive game style.

3. Ladder Footwork Drill

Using agility ladders, players perform various footwork patterns. This enhances their speed and agility on the court, crucial for reaching tough shots.

4. Target Practice

Set up targets at strategic locations on the court. Players aim for these targets during rallies or serves, improving accuracy and shot precision.

5. Defensive Lob Mastery

Players practice hitting lobs from defensive positions. This drill teaches players how to turn a defensive situation into an offensive opportunity.

6. Reaction Volley Drill

Players stand close to the net and rapidly exchange volleys. This improves reaction time and net play, vital for doubles players.

7. Depth Charge Drill

Players aim to hit deep groundstrokes within a marked zone near the baseline. This enhances their ability to keep opponents at the back of the court.

8. Around-the-World Singles

Players continuously move around the court, hitting shots from different angles. This drill improves endurance and shot variety.

9. Doubles Coordination Challenge

Doubles teams work on coordination and communication, focusing on specific game scenarios. This is key for developing a well-synchronized doubles team.

10. Mental Resilience Rally

Players engage in long rallies, with the goal of staying focused and consistent. This drill enhances mental toughness and endurance.


These 10 innovative tennis drills offer a variety of challenges that can help players at all levels improve their game. For coaches and academies, incorporating these drills into training sessions can lead to more engaging and effective practices, ultimately fostering better skill development in players.

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